Who are Baby Boomers?

Why is this generation so important to the modern world?

How do you define Baby Boomers? A population explosion occurred in the mid 20th Century, the years known as "the Baby Boom". It was a century that saw more change in a few decades than all of previous recorded history. The Boomers have been a huge part of that history and cultural revolution since the end of World War II.

Parents of Baby Boomers generation

Both of my parents served in the US Army Medical Corps during World War II. My Father was a Medical Doctor /Battlefield Surgeon in Europe, operating in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) across France and Germany. My Mother was an Army nurse in command of the Army hospital in Grand Island, Nebraska when the D-Day casualties were evacuated Stateside for treatment. They both experienced firsthand the suffering and horror of the war and dreamed of a time of peace when they could raise a family. They met three years after the War ended, married, and began a family.

Variations of my parents love story played out across the United States and other parts of the Western World after the War ended in 1945. By 1946 the Baby Boom was underway. A generation that had endured four years of terrible war and sacrifice devoted themselves to creating new life through their families.

This is a Baby Boomer's web site. You have come to the right place to learn more about this amazing and diverse group of people who now are World Leaders, Titans of Business , a majority of the Wealthiest People on the Planet, scientists, teachers, artists, musicians, and a fascinating collection of famous Boomers. The group shapes daily life as parents, grandparents and family leaders.

This is a website with lots of information about their lifestyles, families, health, wealth, concerns, and issues. It will answer your questions about:

• What were their birth years?
• When was the pinnacle birth year?
• The two generations of Boomers and how the Vietnam War split them apart.
• How history and world shaking events favored the generation
. • Demographic facts, statistics and information
. • How old are Boomers now?
• Spending habits of the wealthiest group in World History
. • Marketing to this massive and affluent population
. • Critical issues for Boomers
. • The continuing impact of this generation
. • Health and anti aging tips that can change your life
. • How the post-war birth booms in Canada , the United Kingdom, Australia, and other Western countries were similar but different.
• Women Boomers are coming on strong!
• Huge minority Boomer populations add spice to this amazing group!
• Trends for the generation
. • Family and household statistics
Famous members of the generation
• The cultural phenomenon
• Senior citizen status is coming
• Technology for this generation

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Live long and prosper!

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