What is Libido?

Lack of Libido and Enhancing Libido

What is libido? The libido definition is sexual desire, a need for sexual gratification. We all can remember adolescence when hormone levels were high, and carnal knowledge was low. You didn't need to ask what is libido, you felt the fire of desire and you knew the libido definition instinctively.

Lack of libido afflicts almost everyone in both sexes from time to time. Low male libido and low female libido may have similar causes. Causes of low libido may be physical, hormonal, psychological or a combination of factors. Reduced hormone levels are often the cause as we age. Lack of exercise, depression, illness, menopause, low testosterone or other factors can play a big part.

Male erectile dysfunction may, or may not, be tied to low libido. If our libido is low, we "just can't get it up". However, other physical problems may cause ED even if libido is normal, cardio-vascular health is important to provide the blood supply for a good erection. Men have had Viagra and Cialis for more than a decade now to help with the physical symptoms.

Women are about to get a "female viagra" libido enhancing pill according to news releases in the BBL Libido Article Forum in July 2015. The pill, called "ADDYI", is reportedly effective for pre-menopausal women. It should be available by prescription in late October 2015. Reportedly it works by creating psychological effects rather than bio-physical or hormonal effects. More information will be available soon. Adverse side effects include dizziness and drowsiness when used with alcohol. Stay tuned to the Libido Article Forum for more breaking news on ADDYI! Here is a link to Sprout Pharmacueticals website with detailed information about ADDYI

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If you are interested in enhancing libido, for yourself or your partner our Libido Article Forum contains lots of great information. We search hundreds of sources to bring you the latest information about reasons for low libido such as testosterone deficiency libido, menopause libido and prostate libido related problems.

You will learn secrets for enhancing libido naturally with libido boosters including libido enhancing herbs, libido foods and vitamins to increase libido. There are tips here to improve female libido and for male libido enhancement. There is also libido drug and libido Rx information here as well.

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